What is RedCart?

RedCart is a powerful photo gallery and ordering system for professional photographers. You maintain complete control over the print fulfillment process to maximize profits! Stop paying third-party companies commissions on your sales and control the entire process using the lab of your choice.

What is RedCart

Where did it come from?

RedCart was designed and built from the ground up by photographers - for photographers. The cart offers a robust framework that allows you to offer more options to your clients based on your lab's products and services. It also allows you to sell other products that are not related to prints such as: Session fees, Albums, Gift Certificates, Story Boards, Packages, Digital Downloads...etc.

Where did RedCart come from

What makes RedCart different?

Our goal when designing RedCart was to create the cleanest, most user friendly photo ordering interface on the planet, and we think we did just that! It will not only make you and your images look fantastic, but it will get your clients excited about their photos. Excited clients + easy to order = more sales!

What makes RedCart different

What else is different?

Most online carts are cluttered with things that can distract and frustrate the customer. RedCart on the other hand, is not only clean cut and looks great, but it is "smart" in the sense that it only shows the relevant buttons and controls that need attention throughout the customer viewing experience. This reduces button clutter on the screen and improves the ability for your customers to focus on their images without getting lost in the details.

What else makes RedCart different

How it works

  1. Use RedCart Desktop to resize your images, choose gallery options, upload, and activate your galleries.
  2. Your clients place orders and pay by credit card, by Paypal, or from a multitude of other configurable payment options.
  3. You receive the order details, fulfill the order yourself, and send it to your lab of choice without paying any commissions.

How RedCart works

Fulfilling Orders

There are two different ways that you can fulfill your orders:

  1. Manually - using your favorite photo editing software
  2. Semi-Automatic - using the RedCart Fulfillment Script

The RedCart Fulfillment script is a script that runs in Adobe Photoshop. With a button click or two, it runs through all of your orders, crops them to the customer specified crop, resizes them, runs any black and white or sepia actions that you specify, and saves the resized images to a folder all ready to be sent to your lab of choice! Finally, there is a semi-automatic fulfillment method for a host-it-yourself online proofing system!

Fulfilling orders with RedCart

Use Your Own Branding

Configure the complete look and feel of the cart through the RedCart Admin screens. Upload your own logo, custom background graphics, change the colors, and update all screen notes and text without the need for hiring a web designer or developer.

It's so easy ANYONE can do it!

Use your own branding

Powerful Pricing

RedCart's pricing model is very flexibile, easy to use, and gives you the power to offer an unlimited number of product and price groups for different types of clients such as Weddings vs. Seniors.

Price Groups

Analyze Trends and Key Financial & Product Data

RedCart's Admin is NOT your run-of-the-mill shopping cart Admin application. It's robust framework allows you to accurately track key financial and product data with the use of charts and graphs. Compare this years financial/product data to what you did the previous year!

RedCart reporting

My Image List

Not only does RedCart allow you to sell photos online, it comes with an image selection tool that can be used to kick off the album design process! Use the My Image List section as a communication tool for your clients to select images for their albums while being able to add notes to images, select Black & White or Sepia options, and arrange their images in the sequence order that they would like them to appear in the book!

My Image List

Discounts & Promotions

RedCart supports multiple discounts on a single order and let's you restrict discounts to specific products, specific galleries, or specific customers by email, if you like. There are many types of discounts that you can create within the RedCart system including:

  1. Early Bird Discounts (eg. 1st week get 20% Off, 2nd week get 10% Off...etc)
  2. Buy One get another for $X Off (or % Off)
  3. Spend $X Get $Y Off (or % Off)
  4. Spend $X Get Free Shipping
  5. Spend $X Get Free Print Credit Worth $Y
  6. Percentage off retail
  7. Dollar amount off retail
  8. Percentage markup from cost

Also, you can restrict the number of times discounts can be used, set minimum dollar amounts, and set expiration dates on discounts!

Discounts and promotions

The Order Tracker

RedCart also comes with a built in Order Tracker. You can allow your clients to track the progress of their order as it continues through the fulfillment process via your web site. The Order Tracker is completely optional so you can enable or disable it depending on how you would like to run your business.

Tracking orders with RedCart

Gift Certificates

You can create gift certificates and specify dollar amounts in the RedCart admin screens. These gift certificates work like a gift card or mini bank account where the client can use the code over and over again in the shopping cart until the funds in the account are used up completely. You can also set expiration dates on gift certificates so that they are no longer valid after a specified date.

RedCart Gift Certificates

RedCart Technology

Peeking under the hood of your RedCart is guaranteed to impress even the geekiest of the technology geeks! Version 4 was designed & built with the most cutting edge Adobe Flex front end technology, HTML5 for mobile viewing, and is supported with a powerful PHP / MySQL back end which will run on the majority of web hosting servers.

RedCart's database driven core allows the system to automatically save your client's selections and keeps them for 90 days without using cookies. This provides a user friendly experience and allows your clients to continue where they left off days, or even weeks later!

RedCart Technology

What do I need to accept credit cards?

If you only plan on using Paypal then all you need is a Business Paypal account. If you would like to accept credit cards and don't want to use PayPal then please see the FAQ and The Process for more details.

Accepting credit cards with RedCart

Setup and Installation

RedCart usually only takes a business day or so to get setup and running. We offer multiple licensing options to fit just about any professional photographer's business needs and budget. Free installation is incuded with all license options. To compare all licensing options please visit our RedCart Product Comparison page. Please review The Process listed at the top of this page for more info.

Accepting credit cards with RedCart


Email and Ticket based support is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Please log into our Support Center to view your support tickets.

You can also ask questions in our RedCart Users Group on Facebook.

Have a pre-sales question? Email us at: info@redcart.com
Already a RedCart user? Email us at: support@redcart.com

Please allow up to 24 hours for us to respond to your inquiry.